cover image: Appendix 1: Summary of Original and New/Updated Recommendations


Appendix 1: Summary of Original and New/Updated Recommendations

29 Jun 2023

This may reduce the momentum of the donation process and reduce the potential for patients to feel pressured to continue with MAiD in the interest of ensuring donation. [...] The freedom of the patient to postpone their MAiD procedure must be reinforced and preserved, and every effort should be made to honour their wishes to donate their organs should their MAiD procedure be rescheduled. [...] They should be encouraged to disclose their decision to family members; however, there is no obligation to stop the donation process should the patient wish to maintain the confidentiality of their MAiD or WLSM procedure. [...] The donation team should work with the patient, their family and the MAiD or WLSM provider to develop a plan and best possible options for the MAiD or WLSM procedure that accommodates the wishes of the patient, preserving the opportunity to donate and reconciling coordination of hospital logistics. [...] Health care professionals Health care professionals may exercise a conscientious objection to MAiD or WLSM specifically, but they should strive to accommodate the wishes of the donor by ensuring that their objection to MAiD or WLSM does not impede the ability of the patient to donate.


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