Farmworkers in Mexico’s Export Agriculture
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Farmworkers in Mexico’s Export Agriculture

2 September 2023


We consider that Bajío Guanajuatense is made up of the entire central region and the southern region, with the exception of the subregion of the Sierra de los Agustinos that includes the municipalities of Acámbaro, Jerécuaro, Coroneo and Tarandacuao. [...] The municipalities with the least participation in the state are Atarjea, Santa Catarina and Tierra Blanca, which are located in the northeast of the state outside the Bajío region. [...] The second recounts the agricultural history of the Bajío Guanajuatense region referring to bibliographic sources and data collected in the field, while using data from the SIAP to describe the current agricultural structure presented by the state. [...] Furthermore, the transformations in agricultural activity that occurred during the previous stage –among which, the arrival of some industrial companies, the construction of agricultural infrastructure and the change in crop patterns stand out– laid the foundations for the strengthening of the agro-industry in this period. [...] S) horticultural production, the end of the Bracero Program7, the end of the trade agreement between Cuba and the United States and the agri-food crisis in Mexico (Avella-Alaminos, 1998; Marañón- Pimentel, 2002).

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