cover image: DESIGN Final Report CEP Implementation - Perth-Andover


DESIGN Final Report CEP Implementation - Perth-Andover

13 Sep 2023

For the Community Energy Plan to be effectively implemented, the community context needs to be considered in the development of a governance structure, communications and stakeholder engagement strategy, key performance indicator framework, and the prioritization and implementation of actions within the plan. [...] Community context needed to be incorporated into the development of a governance structure for the implementation of the Village of Perth-Andover’s CEP, as well as the CEPs of neighbouring municipalities. [...] Discussion points and the resulting recommendation are as follows: Discussion Notes: Decision: Participants reviewed the eight options presented, After discussing the options presented, and discussed the pros and cons to each prior to participants agreed to use the first six making a decision. [...] The first five identify the local capacity and resources that need to be in place, and the second five describe the effective management and integration of infrastructure to use, move, and source energy as efficiently as possible. [...] 28 4.0 Communications and Engagement 4.1 Introduction To ensure the successful implementation of the CEP, a communications strategy needs to be developed to best inform and inspire the public, engage stakeholders, promote programs and incentives, catalyze action, and communicate results and benefits to the community.
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