Addressing Canada’s Exposure to Space-Cyber Threats - Eytan Tepper - Introduction: The Missing
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Addressing Canada’s Exposure to Space-Cyber Threats - Eytan Tepper - Introduction: The Missing

29 September 2023


Such a of leading experts within the space-cyber comprehensive effort needs to include governance nexus, to identify and explore the underlying aspects, the development of domestic capabilities, policy gaps, challenges and considerations as engagement with and support for the private space-cyber security pertains to Canada, and sector, and the promotion of international norms. [...] The task force should engage with public and private sector leaders on the nature of the threats, the available policy options, and the Aspects of Space-Cyber limitations and drawbacks of each option, and also solicit their suggestions for an adequate Governance national policy and regulatory framework. [...] and securing the space and ground segments, Encouraging the training of a skilled and diverse new market opportunities arise for providers of space-cyber workforce will satisfy the needs of the products and services to government, military and industry as well as create high-paying jobs and help commercial end-users. [...] Establishing a Canada international effort similar to the one initiated chapter of the Space ISAC, in collaboration with and led by the McGill Institute of Air and Space the US Space ISAC, will allow dissemination of Law that brought together scholars and experts information from the US and Canadian sources from around the globe to produce the Manual to all Canadian space actors. [...] Moreover, and reminiscent of the proposed bill 20 See 19 space-threats-2022.currently in discussion in the US Congress, 21 Namely, the OEWG on security of and in the use of information and communications technologies.

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