cover image: SEPTEMBER 2023 - The Next One - Preparing Canada for another health emergency


SEPTEMBER 2023 - The Next One - Preparing Canada for another health emergency

25 Sep 2023

around pricing and market access, took a back seat to providing the research, equipment and pharmacological products needed to minimize COVID infections and secure the health and The Context for Action safety of Canadians. [...] Although the term “health security” has a Much of it was an unprecedented success, range of definitions, the Life Sciences Forum demonstrating how, by working together, is guided by the version offered by the governments and the life sciences sector can World Health Organization: “the activities build the public trust essential to implement a required, both proactive and reactive, to speedy and ef. [...] The federal and provincial governments and the life sciences sector are building on recent initiatives, such as filling the manufacturing void and allocating $2.2 billion in the 2022 federal budget to a national Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy. [...] As the system tion gathered by the Life Sciences Forum to settles back into regular operations and other date and outline the actions Canada must take important policy priorities take centre stage, to prepare for the next health emergency, the impetus for action experienced during the as well as suggesting improvements to our pandemic is fading. [...] within its workforce and in the broader academic and research communities; Building Canada’s comparative advantage requires the development of strategic trade- • Improve the operation of clinical trials to ables that it can bring to the negotiating reduce cost while increasing speed and table in a crisis — the products, procedures agility in providing results; and and processes Canada can contribu.
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