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29 Aug 2023

Some of the projects include redecorating the hospital with Indigenous art, dedicating rooms for Indigenous healing spaces, one day a week that physicians spend at a long-term care facility caring for Elders, as well as one day of the week that physicians visit schools, as the community requested more focus on the health of the Elders and children. [...] I was surprised to see how well people in the community were doing and that it was such a time of growth within the community and for members of the community. [...] To see the resilience of the community, and that they are still here and working to rebuild after all the Canadian government has done in an attempt to destroy their communities and cultures, is truly remarkable. [...] There was an opening drumming prayer song, and the Chief gave a speech on how important women and especially children are to protect and invest in for the health and future of the community. [...] I hope that you were able to consider the ongoing effects of residential schools and of intergenerational trauma to see the importance of change within the healthcare system to better serve indigenous peoples and to see the true strength of this nation on their journey to rebuild and thrive.


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