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Podcast: Bio: Episode description: Transcript - Kara Ruff:

29 Aug 2023

One of the main reasons that I wanted to create these episodes is because I wanted to learn more on the subject of cultural safety and humility and how to improve my practice as a medical student. [...] Something that needs to be recognized is that practicing in a culturally safe manner and with humility is a process, and one needs to continually work to be reflecting and improving as part of that process. [...] Presencing is a process that occurs between the health care provider and the patient that is based on paying deliberate attention to the patient’s shared experience of humanity and recognizing and respecting that every individual differs. [...] 4 Over time spent in the community, and under the guidance of the Elders and Knowledge Keepers, you may learn some of the local language. [...] I only was able to cover a few of the most pertinent concepts in regard to providing care in alignment with cultural safety and humility principles, and I encourage you to visit the website of the National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health to learn more on this subject.


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