Navigating Africa’s Digital Partnerships in a Context of Global Rivalry
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Navigating Africa’s Digital Partnerships in a Context of Global Rivalry

12 October 2023


With a program, such as the deployment of fibre optics, the minimum amount of US$20 billion focused on Senegal Horn of Africa Regional Express submarine the construction of infrastructure in exchange cable as well as a new data centre on the outskirts for the extraction of natural resources, the of Dakar. [...] The choice of China may signal to the West, especially the In interviews, African policy makers agreed United States, that African leaders still wield the that China has played an undeniable role in the agency to pursue their partnerships according development of the continent’s digital economy to their interests. [...] Private sector companies must endeavour to take on the challenge of arbitraging between to allay the fears of governments and know companies in the West (Europe, the United States) exactly what the latter wants to achieve through and manufacturers in the East (China, India) to a partnership (Global Economic Governance reconcile conformance expectations between them Programme 2023g). [...] Economic and Monetary Union have called for For example, governments could consider deeper digital integration and the creation of a appointing a specific ministry or department single digital market in Africa, the inconsistency that coordinates the alignment of initiatives of policies and laws in African countries remains and the choice of partners with pre-existing a major barrier to achieving t. [...] Copyright © 2023 by the University of Oxford The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Centre for International Governance Innovation or its Board of Directors.

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