BC’s carbon crossroads:  � - The Energy Action Framework takes the wrong path
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BC’s carbon crossroads: � - The Energy Action Framework takes the wrong path

21 September 2023


10 2023 Gideon Rosenbluth Memorial These contradictions were evident in the March 2023 announcement of a new Lecture with Ha-Joon Chang Energy Action Framework, which tries to balance the interests of the oil and gas 10 November 23: Save the date for industry with the urgent need to get the world off fossil fuels. [...] The vast majority of BC’s residential property wealth—$1.5 trillion—is in the value of the land rather than in the buildings on it. [...] The new research, based on an analysis of nearly 5,300 pages The documents obtained by the CCPA show that for four con- of documents released in response to a Freedom of Information secutive years beginning in 2018, a professional engineer hired 6 | BCSOLUTIONS by the City of Merritt (whose 7,000 residents were ordered to All of this played out with the provincial government being evacuate when po. [...] Our new research uncovered a shockingly In neither instance did the provincial government order the laissez-faire attitude on the part of the communities to provide the missing information. [...] a committed advocate for the work Véronique is proud of her Palestinian roots, which make we do, was the founding Executive her particularly sensitive to the geographies of politics and Director of the Parkland Institute—our sister organization in power.

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