cover image: CREATION OF ELECTRONIC WILLS - 2022 Consultation Summary


CREATION OF ELECTRONIC WILLS - 2022 Consultation Summary

24 Oct 2023

ALRI would like to thank the people who took the time to respond to our online survey. [...] I also think that a lot of the legislative changes in Alberta and other jurisdictions over the past number of years are driven by the desire to allow access to justice in the form of allowing testator intentions to be captured or interpreted where necessary in a much more flexible way than historically and I think this is part of it. [...] What else would make it easier to make a will? How important is it to protect people and their estates? 300 Why is it important? Fraud is very scary. [...] The estate of an individual is something that should be sacred and all people need to make their wishes known to others so that their legacy remains in the family and not go to the government or the fees of lawyers to sort it out. [...] 200 By making it easier for people to make wills, it will affect the protecting of people and their estates.
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