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International Joint Commission Canada and United States

3 October 2023


Status of Other Board Projects that have SPC Participation RCC Nutrients Adaptive Management (John Livernois) The project report was recently approved by the Commission and has been transmitted to the Parties. [...] The report is complementary to the SPC’s Nutrients Synthesis project and the release of both reports is being coordinated and aligned. [...] A project Collaborative (i.e., work group) Terms of Reference has been prepared and invitations to join the Collaborative will be sent to Board members and external invitees by the GLRO Director in the coming days. [...] Lucinda Johnson noted that a key recommendation of the GLEWS Phase 2 project is to complete a pilot project to demonstrate the identified early warning system framework. [...] An embargoed version of the TAP report will be sent to the Parties prior to the IJC Fall Semi-Annual meeting, and a public release with associated webinar is planned for November, 2023.

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