2023 - CANADIAN AID TRENDS: Highlights
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2023 - CANADIAN AID TRENDS: Highlights

24 October 2023


In addition, it is estimated that there was a In order to truly understand the current status 15% reduction in 2023/2024 in the budgeted of Canadian international assistance, the 2023 International Assistance Envelope (IAE), Canadian Aid Trends report investigates data compared to the previous fiscal year. [...] The budgeted and estimated actual IAE for the fiscal year preceding the one presented The consistent but modest increases in the IAE in the budget. [...] A running projection of the budgeted IAE response to COVID-19, which accounted for for the following five years (at a minimum, less than half of this increase, but also to its ideally to 2030): the period for which the contributions to climate finance, humanitarian government has promised annual increases. [...] Without Budget 2023 offered a graphic that provided notable growth in the IAE in coming years, a snapshot of the scale of the IAE for 2023/24 including ensuring that the $5.3 billion Principal and a basic breakdown of sectoral allocations. [...] In terms of ranking to climate mitigation or adaptation, mainly against its DAC peers, Canada ranked 5th and through Multilateral Development Banks, the 4th, respectively, for total volume of ODA for the International Fund for Agricultural Development Health and Population & Reproductive and the Green Climate Fund.

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