Reclaiming worker power: - Strategic Directions 2023-2025
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Reclaiming worker power: - Strategic Directions 2023-2025

1 November 2023


• Support the calls to justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit people, and pressure the federal government to implement the federal action plan. [...] • Educate our members about the damaging impacts of workplace violence and harassment, and our right to live and work free from violence and harassment. [...] Over the next two years, to ensure we defend our jobs, and the quality of our work, CUPE will: • Directly confront and raise awareness about the dangers of underfunding and selling off public services. [...] Over the next two years, CUPE will: • Exercise our power in our fight for a better world and when our rights are under attack, to show governments and employers alike that we aren’t afraid to take to the streets. [...] • Work with employers to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impacts in the workplace, and to ensure the health and safety of workers as we face the impacts of climate change on the job.

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