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10 November 2023


PICES-2023 ECOP Presentation Awards Science Board Science Board Best oral presentation to Yunzhou Li on How will China’s stressed marine fisheries respond to climate change impacts? A social-ecological analysis of vulnerability and risk Science Board Best poster presentation to Kyungsik Jo on Presuming the pathways of sea turtles by using δ18O values from commensal barnacle shells PICES-2023 ECOP. [...] William Fennie on Increased temperature decreases starvation resiliency in first feeding Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) PICES-2023 ECOP Presentation Awards Fishery Science Committee FIS Committee Best oral presentation to Andrea N. [...] Bobay on Predicting larval northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax) abundance across space and time PICES-2023 ECOP Presentation Awards Human Dimension Committee HD Committee Best oral presentation to Patrick Farnole on Framework for regional downscaling of climate modelling based on a co-designed traditional seasonal calendar, with the community of Ulukhaktok PICES-2023 ECOP Presentation Awards Marine. [...] Venkataraman on Investigating the basis of thermal tolerance of a rapidly spreading crab MEQ Committee Best poster presentation to Olivia Boisen on Assessing potential drivers for microplastic ingestion by myctophids caught near the Columbia River mouth PICES-2023 ECOP Presentation Awards PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY & CLIMATE COMMITTEE POC Committee Best oral presentation to Hikaru Homma on Distribution. [...] Axler on Shifts in the distribution, size structure, and feeding of Arctic cod early life stages in a changing Pacific Arctic PICES-2023 ECOP Presentation Awards TECHNICAL COMMITTEE ON DATA EXCHANGE TCODE Committee Best oral presentation to Hannah E.

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