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Evidence with Impact - Impact Stories 0102 0304 05

1 Nov 2023

Additionally, tools that use calculator provides the user with a report that recommends Statistic Canada’s population health microsimulation information collected at the population-level may also be how they can modify their lifestyle to improve their brain model and is being used by the Public Health Agency used to estimate the population risk of disease and inform health and reduce their risk of. [...] Manish Sood led a similar project to develop the • The CKD Pop-T is a “first of its kind” calculator ICES Research Highlights Chronic Kidney Disease Calculator to improve awareness designed to assess the likelihood of early CKD of CKD and to empower and personalize care for patients. [...] For these interviews, participants spoke about the relationship How this work is having an impact: communities, opioid addiction is often the result of individual, between addiction, individual trauma, and the impacts of collective, and intergenerational trauma, and those same intergenerational trauma related to the residential school communities hold the knowledge and solutions to support experie. [...] • One First Nation used the data to obtain funding to Serene Kerpan and Jennifer Walker, communities aimed to expand their community-based healing, treatment, and learn more about the impact of prenatal opioid exposure on Despite the challenges, the findings underscore the many recovery programs and services. [...] Participants recognized the gifts and • All of the communities are collaborating to develop encompassed both health record data analyses at ICES and, strengths of children with prenatal opioid exposure and the knowledge translation tools and come together to share for 11 communities, qualitative research with community community of people working to make positive changes.
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