Cost-effectiveness of pharmacogenomic-guided treatment for major depression
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Cost-effectiveness of pharmacogenomic-guided treatment for major depression

8 November 2023


In the use of pharmacogenomic testing in MDD.18–22 However, many the event of full remission, the patient moves to the well health did not model the individual genetic profile of patients (an state. [...] 10 000 times (using the full sample in each iteration) to provide a Our analyses provided estimates of the incremental cost, QALYs sufficient representation of the model’s stochastic nature and to and life-years for care pathways with and without pharmacogenomic investigate the spectrum of the selected input parameters. [...] Instead, it assigns the average weekly cost of all health care of patients with refractory depression sourced from the BC administrative databases.26–31 Includes the cost of different MDD treatments (pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy), physician fees (MDD and non-MDD), all-cause hospital visits and the direct medical cost of suicide. [...] tion of some of the current human resource challenges in The selection of the time horizon for the analysis was an health care. [...] The economic analysis the impact of pharmacogenomic testing not only on the risk of done as part of that health technology assessment used a 1-year remission and of discontinuation, but also on the medication time horizon (in contrast to our 20-yr time horizon) and selection process.

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