New CMAJ article type aims to help physicians support their patients
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New CMAJ article type aims to help physicians support their patients

2 November 2023


Each article will have at role played by CMAJ’s Patient Advisory Panel in the development least 1 author who is a patient or caregiver with direct experience of and choice of format for this new article type (and another to of the particular health care issue being discussed. [...] The 2  articles published in this issue discuss how to support We provide guidance for authors interested in submitting a Five young carers (more than 100 000 people in Canada younger than Ways to Support article — with details on the topics of interest, 25 years provide 20 hours or more of unpaid care per week to a content, format and review process  —  at family member with. [...] ter article is accompanied by an In Their Own Words piece, a con- We are currently taking a critical look at our review process versation with a transgender man who describes his bad and good for the new article types to ensure we optimally support authors experiences with receiving care.3 and editors to produce articles that are useful to clinicians and, The format of the new articles is similar. [...] 360° Cases (articles with as many as 4 authors, 1 of whom must be Victoria Saigle, a former employee of CMAJ, reports serving as co-chair a patient, caregiver or family member), which detail the differing of CMAJ’s Patient Advisory Panel and receiving travel and grant-funded perspectives of people involved in a health care encounter(s) to contract support from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institut. [...] Cur- licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ rent panel members bring a breadth of personal and professional Correspondence to: CMAJ editor, knowledge in several domains — including managing the care All editorial matter in CMAJ represents the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the Cana dian Medical Association or its subsidiaries.

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