cover image: Settler Moves to Indigeneity: From Canada to Israel - by Megan Scribe


Settler Moves to Indigeneity: From Canada to Israel - by Megan Scribe

14 Nov 2023

to justify and strategize the establishment of the state is is deeply uncomfortable and drives a faux of Israel. [...] David Ben-Gurion who is considered the father of Israel, “Look what the Americans did, they took this land that Meanwhile, the Zionist move to Indigeneity seeks to was lled with savages and lled with swamps and they maintain sole ownership over contested land to the point displaced the savages and drained the swamps and they of erasing Palestinian presence altogether. [...] at same year was described as a ‘record year for and we want to reclaim our land – not all of Canada, but incoming tourism.’20 the land that we need to survive and thrive.”10 In response Katsav claimed heritage was central to the creation of the ere are layered enactments of settler colonialism in these State of Israel, but that the nation-state continues to face types of trips. [...] In an open letter to Fontaine from forty-seven grassroot When presenting First Nations people the opportunity to groups, they describe the trip as a ploy to conceal, “Israeli to travel to one of the holiest sites in the world, Zionist atrocities committed against the Palestinian people.”13 organizers exploit the systemic Christian indoctrination of First Nations as part of state-funded, church-run. [...] the Truth, Reconciling for the Future: Summary of the Final Report of the 8is phrasing is inspired by Janet Mawhinney’s concept ‘settler moves to Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.
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