Firearms Accessibility & Suicide: The Role of ERPOs/ Red Flag Laws
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Firearms Accessibility & Suicide: The Role of ERPOs/ Red Flag Laws

16 November 2023


All rights reserved Firearms & Suicide • Firearms are the most lethal method (means) of suicide; 85-90% of suicide attempts with a firearm are fatal • Putting time and distance between a person at risk and lethal means can save lives • Most individuals who are prevented from making a suicide attempt via one method typically do not go on to attempt with another method • The presence of a firearm in. [...] In many states in the case of ERPOs and the threat of harm to self/threat of suicide, the process begins when a reporting party contacts the police about a person in crisis ©2019 AFSP. [...] All rights reserved The Evidence • Studies on Connecticut and Indiana laws found that the laws were linked to promising reductions in firearm suicides in both states • Indiana’s law was associated with an estimated 7.5% reduction in firearm suicides • Connecticut’s was associated with an 13.7% reduction • In addition to decreasing violence and suicide risk by removing firearms, the laws provide an. [...] All rights reserved Best Practices & Recommendations • ERPO infrastructure should focus on statewide coordination of training and outreach to system actors, data collection and sharing, and funding • Designate ERPO leads in law enforcement agencies and prosecutors’ or state/county attorneys’ offices; designate dedicated ERPO judges • Develop a process for assessing ERPOs alongside other potential. [...] All rights reserved Lessons Learned • Some opposition is likely born out of the general rhetoric around the gun debate related to "serious distrust" and "seizing guns” • In the U.

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