KENNAN CABLE - Elections in Wartime Ukraine Would Test Ukraine’s Legal-Political
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KENNAN CABLE - Elections in Wartime Ukraine Would Test Ukraine’s Legal-Political

20 November 2023


free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections to be held in 2019, despite the ongoing war in the Legal-Political Flexibility as Donbas and the annexed Crimea.8 Even though Ukraine’s Answer to a Long War President Petro Poroshenko attempted to impose Despite pressures for—and expert voices against— martial law and postpone the elections of 2019, the holding the elections in wartime, Zelens. [...] approval.12 This time, the legal order of war was Both presidential and parliamentary elections additionally defined by the Law on the Use of the were internationally recognized as free and fair, Armed Forces and other military formations to despite military actions in some oblasts and the defend the country.13 Military-civil administrations inability of voters to participate in elections in start. [...] 85 l November 2023 According to the laws on the legal regime of By not announcing war on Russia and not martial law and on defense, martial law was introducing a state of war, the Ukrainian government introduced to avert the threat to the nation and to has some flexibility, for example, in continuing repel armed aggression in all regions of Ukraine.15 to transit Russian gas to the EU.17 So, even a. [...] However, in such a case the The reasoning here usually refers to the unjustifiably legality and the legitimacy of the decisions would high costs of elections and the fact that they would openly contradict each other. [...] Even if the wartime the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and defended his restrictions on the political rights and freedoms of Doctoral Dissertation at the Kyiv Institute of citizens and on the operations of the mass media Philosophy in 2007.

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