RETROFIT RESET - Prioritize Low-Income Households - 1  Offer free and turnkey retrofits
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RETROFIT RESET - Prioritize Low-Income Households - 1 Offer free and turnkey retrofits

13 November 2023


Yet the federal government leaves out the lowest income Canadians with the greatest need.” — brendan haleY, director of policY research, efficiencY canada Barrier #3: Missing the scope and scale of required retrofits The narrow focus of retrofit programs on household greenhouse-gas emission reductions is missing the potential to achieve gains in affordability, adaptation and net-zero goals. [...] And the scope and scale of the current suite of programs are insufficient to undertake retrofits that address affordability, adaptation and net-zero goals simultaneously. [...] Such a shift will bring low-income households to the front of the line for retrofits, better aligning the Green Buildings Strategy with the principles of affordability and equity, diversity and inclusion. [...] 9 RETROFIT RESET: PRIORITIZE LOW-INCOME HOUSEHOLDS To support the recommendations, the federal government should work with local commun- ity organizations, utilities and other levels of government to establish standards for energy- efficient, climate-resilient retrofits for low-income households, with adjustments for renters, rural and remote homes as well as for different geographies and climates. [...] The federal government should also continue to work with provinces, territories, Indigenous governments and the insurance industry to ensure that low-income households are able to afford and access insurance to protect against growing climate risks.

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