The Innovation Race: US-China Science and Technology Competition and
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The Innovation Race: US-China Science and Technology Competition and

30 October 2023


Xi understands the stakes of the competition, especially for quantum where he has insisted China’s innovators lead the charge to best the United States.11 404 The Innovation Race Quantum Technologies: Quantum Racing in the Era of Utility Writing an analysis on the state of a technology risks obsolescence within a startlingly narrow window after publication. [...] The Departments of Energy and Defense, the National Science Foundation, the National Institute for Standards and Technology, and national laboratories influence the direction of quantum R&D. [...] Distinguished academic institutions home to pioneer- ing research are found at the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences, CAS’ Institute of Physics and its Center for Excellence in Quantum Information and Quantum Physics, Tsinghua University Center for Quantum Information, University of Science and Technology of China’s (USTC) Division of Quantum Physics and Information, and more centers. [...] The White Paper emphasizes that the stakes for preserving information security will prove essential in a post- quantum world where crippling an adversary’s networks are “‘silver bullets’” for combatting rivals.25 Although the theme of quantum security predominates the document, the White Paper also clarifies the necessity of China sustaining quantum leadership for economic and technological compet. [...] The report also notes that a revolution in quantum computing will overcome the restraints of Moore’s Law for semiconductor processing power—an argu- ment even more salient after the release of the United States’ export controls.26 Conclusion and Policy Recommendations Winning the twenty-first century innovation race will not be distilled down to the system that delivers the most cutting-edge semic.

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