cover image: Annual Report 2023


Annual Report 2023

1 Nov 2023

After rigorous evaluation and review of their accomplishments, leading individuals may be elected to one of the Society’s three Academies—the Academy of Arts and Humanities, the Academy of Social Sciences, and the Academy of Science. [...] 2 The Royal Society of Canada The Royal soCieTy of Canada The Society was incorporated under an Act of Parliament of Canada in 1883 and is dedicated to fostering the highest level of learning and research in all areas of scholarship, making available to its members broad and varied knowledge to evaluate and advise on social, cultural, economic, and scientific issues for the benefit of Canada and p. [...] We are humbled and grateful that, thanks to the inspiration of Tony and the support of Sheila and family, the Embletons have pledged $100,000 toward the renovations of Walter House. [...] Restoration and recovery of the ocean and its biodiversity The ocean is the cradle of evolution and the largest living space on Earth. [...] 24 The Royal Society of Canada Presentation of the New Members of the College Thursday, November 16 | 6:00pm - 7:30pm | Fed Hall, University of Waterloo The Presentation of the Members of The College formally welcomes new Members in a format that showcases the interdisciplinary character of the College.
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