cover image: Video 8: What are careers in public policy?


Video 8: What are careers in public policy?

30 Nov 2023

More questions about public policy related career paths may be raised after viewing the video, teachers and students are encouraged to watch the rest of the Policy 101 video series to learn more. [...] • Share a career path they are interested in related to public policy and the steps needed to pursue that career path. [...] What other career paths can you think of to add to this list? NOTE TO TEACHER: a reminder of content from Video 7: Who else plays a role in public policy? is helpful here. [...] Ask students to discuss with a partner which career path is most interesting to them based on the examples given in the video as well as the skills, abilities and areas of interest discussed in the class brainstorm. [...] 6 Name: Appendix 1: Public Policy Career Paths CAREER PATH: ________________________________ How would you describe this career path? List an example of a specific job within this career path.


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