Canada West Foundation


Canada West Foundation

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1970
Location Calgary, AB Canada Canada
Budget USD <499k
Functions Advocacy, Education and Training
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Governments or multi-govt organizations, Individual citizens
Tags energy trade agriculture and food social policy international affairs
Summary The Canada West Foundation is an independent, non-partisan public policy think tank that focuses on the policies that shape the West, and by extension, Canada. Through their evidence-based research and commentary, they provide practical solutions to tough public policy challenges facing the West, and Canada as a whole, at home and on the global stage.

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CWF: Canada West Foundation · 24 May 2023

Mar and Carlo Dade Calgary Herald Committee on Industry and Technology 12-Apr-23 Carlo Dade Ottawa, ON Speaking Engagements 11-Apr-23 Carlo Dade 8-Mar-23 We’ve lost our focus on trade Speaker | …

CWF: Canada West Foundation · 1 May 2023

Confidence in leaders

CWF: Canada West Foundation · 28 April 2023 English

Production of reports at Canada West Foundation is a team effort and the thanks of the authors go to the staff whose contributions enhanced the quality of the report and …

CWF: Canada West Foundation · 24 April 2023 English

Acknowledgements Sincere thanks to Calgary Reads and Rotary Calgary for their support for the writing of this paper; to those who reviewed and edited it and thereby strengthened its key …

CWF: Canada West Foundation · 31 March 2023 English

The 2023 survey finds that a majority of Albertans measures of discontent with the workings of the Canadian say their province receives less than its fair share of federal federation. …

CWF: Canada West Foundation · 1 March 2023

Mar and Carlo Dade in Japan and Korea? to be able to survive in the Ambassadors and industry experts new global trade environment MSN in Japan and Korea and Pat …

CWF: Canada West Foundation · 1 March 2023 English

Centre Work Plan 2023 In 2023 the prosperity of Canada’s export-dependent • Assure that western stakeholders are informed about economy depends on two factors: increasing market the federal government’s Indo-Pacific …

CWF: Canada West Foundation · 1 March 2023 English

needs to: ensure domestic and global energy security; achieve energy affordability; support integrity of land • Continue to produce recommendations for policy and use, water supply and food production; and …

CWF: Canada West Foundation · 1 March 2023 English

The need for competency Competency-based solutions for young talent frameworks to facilitate better matches between people development, retention and attraction and jobs and to inform education and training providers of …

CWF: Canada West Foundation · 1 March 2023 English

We promised in 2022 the work of the centre would improve the capacity of Canadian exporters to enter and thrive in global markets, particularly in the Indo-Pacific, and articulate trade …

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