Canadian International Council


Canadian International Council

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1928
Location Toronto, ON Canada Canada
Functions Advocacy
Funding sources Corporations, Member funded
Tags international affairs charity
Summary The Canadian International Council (CIC) is a platform for citizens to engage in discussions on international issues. Their mission as an independent, non-partisan and charitable membership organization is to involve Canadians in defining the country’s place in the world.

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CIC: Canadian International Council · 17 May 2023 English

Recent political crises in Peru, Brazil, and the United States have exposed a new threat to democracy: electoral denialism, or misleading claims about fraud intended to prevent normal alteration in …

CIC: Canadian International Council · 15 March 2023 French

La pandémie a entraîné des répercussions qui ont gravement affecté les systèmes de santé et d’éducation, ainsi que l’économie en général dans les pays du Sud, alors que le monde …

CIC: Canadian International Council · 7 February 2023 English

This paper explores how the creation of a new Canadian Centre for inclusive governance can enable Canada to succeed as a global champion of human rights and good governance under …

CIC: Canadian International Council · 16 December 2022 English

This paper explores how state responses to global displacement, commitments to multilateral institutions, and solidarity with Global South refugee hosting states affect democratic norms and international protection standards. It maps …

CIC: Canadian International Council · 9 December 2022 English

The pandemic has created ripple effects that have seriously affected health and education systems, as well as the economy in general, when the world was already lagging in its efforts …

CIC: Canadian International Council · 5 December 2022 English

Decades after the rise of online platforms, democracies still have not found answers for how to address the power asymmetries these global platforms create and the detrimental collateral effects their …

CIC: Canadian International Council · 30 November 2022 English

Autocrats use their unchecked powers to enrich themselves by hiding their ill-gotten gains in rule-of-law countries aided by a network of “enablers”. Corruption undermines trust in democracy by contributing to …

CIC: Canadian International Council · 24 November 2022 English

The impressive display of solidarity between liberal democracies in support of Ukraine has been largely restricted to countries of the Global North. To resign ourselves to this limitation of the …

CIC: Canadian International Council · 9 June 2022

Our one existential relationship, that with the United States is changing in step with the mutation of the world order. We have historically relied on managing the relationship on a …

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