Fraser Institute

Fraser Institute

Type Think Tank
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Year founded 1974
Location Vancouver, BC Canada Canada
Budget USD 5M-19M
Functions Advocacy, Education and training
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Individual citizens
Tags economics social policy
See also AIMS
Summary The Institute was founded to redirect public attention to the roles that markets can play in providing for the economic and social wellbeing of Canadians. The Institute aims to present innovative market solutions to economic problems, expand debate on public policy, and positively influence policy formation in such areas as welfare reform, privatization, taxation, free trade, government debt, education, poverty, deregulation, healthcare, labor markets, economic restructuring, and the role of government. The Institute now has about 3,200 individual, corporate, and foundation supporters in Canada, the United States, and other countries.

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Fraser Institute · 28 July 2022

Summary Many point to Canada’s low unemployment rate (5.5%) as an indication of the strength of our economic recovery from the pandemic. Yet by other indicators it would appear that …

Fraser Institute · 27 July 2022

The World Bank’s abrupt cancellation of the Doing Business (DB) late last year left a huge information void for economists and governments seeking to spur economic growth and reduce poverty …

Fraser Institute · 21 July 2022

The Atlantic Canada provinces, especially the three Maritime provinces, have suffered below-average real economic growth for decades. Relatively weak rates of growth of business investment also characterize the region and …

Fraser Institute · 19 July 2022

Main Conclusions CO2 is CO2 is CO2: all CO2 molecules are identical whatever their source. To a height of roughly 100 km, the atmosphere is a “homosphere”: its composition is …

Fraser Institute · 14 July 2022

Summary Canada’s 23 prime ministers have each left a legacy, and each of those legacies has an effect on all Canadians. One element critical to an analysis of each prime …

Fraser Institute · 12 July 2022

Is Canada’s relatively poor productivity performance compared to Australia due to changes in the industry composition of the Canadian economy over time, or poor performance within certain industry sectors? Research …

Fraser Institute · 7 July 2022

The persistently low interest rates on government debt over past decades has prompted some leading economists to question the wisdom of fiscal policies that restrict the use of deficits to …

Fraser Institute · 30 June 2022

Summary For most of recent history, there has been a prosperity gap between Atlantic Canada and the rest of Canada. Given this gap, it is important to understand how Atlantic …

Fraser Institute · 28 June 2022

Summary Overall spending increases announced in Budget 2022 were more moderate than federal spending increases during the pandemic years of 2019-2021. Federal Indigenous spending, however, continues to grow faster than …

Fraser Institute · 23 June 2022

At the end of 2021, the government of Canada launched a regulatory campaign against plastic waste—Zero-Plastic Waste 2030 (ZPW2030)—that will, in the estimation of its own Regulatory Impact Assessment, impose …

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