Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in which disease and infirmity are absent.



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ESG investing incorporates environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) considerations into investment decisions. Until recently, ESG-themed investing comprised an increasing share of investments made by professional money managers and …

Building Health & Safety Consumer Financial Protection Community Relations Access to Health Care Pay & Data Security Opportunities in Nutrition & Health Ownership Climate Change Vulnerability Supply

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Vice Admiral Sir Humphrey Thomas Walwyn (1879–1957) was the British-appointed governor of Newfoundland from 1936 to 1946 – a period of remarkable change that would culminate in Newfoundland’s union with …

as vice-chairman); Health and Welfare (Puddester); Justice (Howley). The health and welfare portfolio credit system, education, civil service, public health and welfare, railway, City of St John’s, government became, in the pithy phrase of Commissioner for Health and Welfare Puddester, “a garrison country.”90

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Interactive documentary emerged rapidly from a constellation of changing technologies and practices to much excitement, yet its history is short and its future uncertain. In the mid-2010s Canada was a …

“interventions” that each focus on different stories of urban health and that reached wider audiences as a dvd compendium regimen spanning the fields of sound studies, health and illness studies, media studies, and critical Board]. For example, for several years, mental health was one of the priority thematics that we wanted

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The word "pharmacopoeia" has come to have many meanings, although it is commonly understood to be a book describing approved compositions and standards for drugs. In 1813 the Royal College …

David A. Guba, Jr 2 Cigarette Nation Business, Health, and Canadian Smokers, 1930–1975 Daniel J. Robinson of the spiritual and political signifi- cance of health and illness, writers prescribed the development philosophy, that based on Galenic principles – of ill health resulting from a lack of balance between the four European cities. In 1564 the medical offi- cer of health of Augsburg issued a dispensatory under the name social processes and cultural representations of health, illness and the nursing/care practices associated

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Since the year 2000, millions of hectares of land in the Global South have been acquired by foreign investors for large-scale agricultural projects, displacing and disrupting rural communities. Women are …

Security WFP World Food Programme WHO World Health Organization WID Women in Development WLAC Women’s

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Myths and stereotypes surrounding seafarers in the Age of Sail persist to this day. Sailors were celebrated for their courage, strength, and skill, yet condemned for militancy, vice, and fecklessness. …

behaviour.11 Sailors faced huge obstacles to accessing health care, training, and education.12 The crews of strength, muscularity, bearing, grace of movement, health and hygiene, speed and suppleness, in varying combinations

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Complemented by over 150 rarely seen illustrations, Needle Work moves from coast to coast and across more than one hundred years to provide a key chapter in the history of …

chapter 1 under the title “Bad Bastards? Tattooing, Health, and Regulation in Twentieth-Century Vancouver and proclivities of clients. Travel, legal and health regulations, and world events such as war stimulated analyzes attempts by police, politicians, and public health officials to regulate tattooing and punish tattooers

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Since the first edition of this popular text was published in 1984, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has transformed the role of the courts in Canadian politics. Addressing current …

terrorism, third-party election advertising, and health care. The Supreme Court has also reversed its nature that (a) se- riously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions of the protests seriously endangered “the lives, health or safety of Canadians” or that they seriously

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While scholarship on refugee migration tends to center on the Global North, most refugees actually reside in the Global South. This book shifts the focus, revealing how governments in the …

transcend several policy sectors, such as migration, health, social policy, and foreign policy (Miller 2014; helped shed light on the impact of such a public health crisis on the Syrian refugee policies of both

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Separated by the world’s longest land border and engaging in over three billion dollars in trade daily, Canada and the United States share security concerns, cultural interests, and a history …

president, Canada’s media are rife with talk of the health of the special relationship. And when the relationship

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