Montreal Economic Institute


Montreal Economic Institute

Type Think Tank
Name in English Montreal Economic Institute
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1987
Location Montreal, QC Canada Canada
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Research
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants, Individual citizens
Tags health environment education economics agriculture and food employment taxation and fiscal policy
Summary Montreal Economic Institute aims at promoting economic liberalism through economic education of the general public and what it regards as efficient public policies in Quebec and Canada through studies and conferences. Its research areas include different topics such as health care, education, taxation, labour, agriculture and the environment. Its studies are often mentioned in the media.

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MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 3 November 2023 English

Do you support or oppose the following ways to address this lack of capacity? – Building more wind farms 3 ‒ © Ipsos Base: All respondents in Quebec in 2023 …

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 6 October 2023 English

Economic Note examining why so many nurses are leaving the profession, especially at the beginning of their careers, and how to address the problem

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 25 September 2023

Economic Note on the need to restrict the use of manipulative techniques in order to preserve each person’s ability to make informed decisions based on their own values and interests

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 15 September 2023 English

Research Paper evaluating the effect of personal income tax rate increases on entrepreneurship in Canada between 2016 and 2020, and putting the financial impact of these rate hikes in perspective

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 22 August 2023 English

Economic Note showing that students perform better when schools are able to organize their activities as they see fit, including making their own staffing decisions

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 15 August 2023 French

Mémoire présenté dans le cadre de la consultation publique de l'OCPM sur l’avenir de Griffintown MÉMOIRE Mémoire présenté par l’Institut économique de Montréal dans le cadre d'une consultation publique au …

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 8 August 2023 English

Economic Note on the federal government’s obstruction of projects that would contribute significantly to the economic progress of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 3 August 2023 English

Viewpoint proposing a more favourable fiscal and regulatory environment in order to stimulate investment and innovation, leading to higher living standards

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 27 July 2023 French

Celles-ci ont traité notamment – mais pas exclusivement – de la libéralisation du secteur de l’électricité, de la privatisation d’Hydro-Québec, de la hausse des tarifs d’électricité pour refléter le coût …

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