Montreal Economic Institute


Montreal Economic Institute

Type Think Tank
Name in English Montreal Economic Institute
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1987
Location Montreal, QC Canada Canada
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Research
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants, Individual citizens
Tags health environment education economics agriculture and food employment taxation and fiscal policy
Summary Montreal Economic Institute aims at promoting economic liberalism through economic education of the general public and what it regards as efficient public policies in Quebec and Canada through studies and conferences. Its research areas include different topics such as health care, education, taxation, labour, agriculture and the environment. Its studies are often mentioned in the media.

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MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 15 May 2023 English

Economic Note examining the decreases in energy consumption and emissions facilitated by broadband networks and the digital economy, and the potential for 5G networks to achieve further efficiencies

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 10 May 2023

Note économique examinant les options pour augmenter la production d’énergie au Québec, incluant un rôle accru pour le gaz naturel, avant que ne s'épuisent les surplus d’électricité

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 10 May 2023 English

Economic Note examining options for increasing energy production in Quebec, including augmenting the role of natural gas, before the electricity surplus runs out

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 25 April 2023 English

Economic Note showing that a targeted top-up subsidy and increased frequency of benefit disbursements could address our labour shortages and result in a positive net gain in government revenues

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 13 April 2023 English

Economic Note situating federal public finances in a historical context and evaluating the gravity of the situation by defining the risks associated with the government’s growing debt

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 13 April 2023 English

Viewpoint examining the robust positive relation between economic growth in freer societies and our ability to lead longer, healthier lives

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 3 April 2023

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following: My province’s healthcare system is too bureaucratic to respond quickly or adequately to the needs of the population. [...] …

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 28 March 2023 English

As Founding President and as a member of our Board of Directors, he will remain the The other major event of 2022 was without a doubt the primary person responsible …

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 13 March 2023 English

Viewpoint proposing a more rapid return to a balanced budget so as to keep higher interest rates from costing the provincial government, and ultimately Quebec taxpayers, too much money

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