Montreal Economic Institute


Montreal Economic Institute

Type Think Tank
Name in English Montreal Economic Institute
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1987
Location Montreal, QC Canada Canada
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Research
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants, Individual citizens
Tags health environment education economics agriculture and food employment taxation and fiscal policy
Summary Montreal Economic Institute aims at promoting economic liberalism through economic education of the general public and what it regards as efficient public policies in Quebec and Canada through studies and conferences. Its research areas include different topics such as health care, education, taxation, labour, agriculture and the environment. Its studies are often mentioned in the media.

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MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 16 December 2022 English

Economic Note examining the benefits, for universities and for students, of aligning tuition fees with the costs of different educational programs

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 2 December 2022 English

Viewpoint explaining the proposed federal requirement’s potential for error and its outsized negative impact on Canadian SMEs

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 1 December 2022 English

Viewpoint explaining why, in a field like cybersecurity, private companies cannot afford to have their decision-making slowed down by bureaucratic considerations

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 23 November 2022 English

Economic Note examining the spending records of past governments in order to learn how to return to fiscal discipline in the wake of the pandemic

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 22 November 2022 English

In your opinion, should Quebec develop its own oil resources or continue to import 100% of the oil it needs? 4 ‒ Base: All respondents in Quebec in 2022 (n=405), …

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 14 November 2022 English

In your opinion, have the additional amounts injected into the healthcare system over the Significantly higher or lower compared to previous wave past ten years by the government of your …

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 11 November 2022 English

Viewpoint setting the record straight on the performance of the private electricity market in the province before the government’s takeover of the industry

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 7 November 2022 English

Economic Note showing that an overly limited carbon market would destabilize our economy while threatening our energy security and that of our partners, with zero net reduction in global GHGs

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 1 November 2022 English

Economic Note on the European models that provide seniors with added autonomy, leading to more independence, better health, and better adjustment to increased care needs

MEI: Montreal Economic Institute · 17 October 2022 English

Economic Note showing that digital companies are already heavily taxed, and that this surtax would harm Canada’s digital economy and the Canadian population as a whole

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