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University of Toronto Press

Type Higher Education
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Year founded 1901
Location Toronto, ON Canada Canada
Summary The University of Toronto Press is a Canadian university press founded in 1901. Although founded in 1901, the press did not publish any books until 1911. The press originally printed only examination books and the university calendar. Its first scholarly book was a work by a classics professor at University College, Toronto. The press took control of the university bookstore in 1933. It employed a novel typesetting method to print issues of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics, founded in 1949.

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UTP: University of Toronto Press · 2004 English

The Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 2004 is the latest instalment in an acclaimed series that offers informed commentary on important events, and thoughtfully considers their significance …

UTP: University of Toronto Press · 17 November 2001 English

The papers from the 2000 symposium of the Royal Society of Canada explore the crucial relationship between science and ethics. In the six papers, presented by scholars and practitioners in …

UTP: University of Toronto Press · 15 August 1998 English

Essays aims to provide an analysis of the relationship between theory and criminological research, discussing the ways in which theoretical perspectives have contributed to the understanding of relevant criminal justice …

UTP: University of Toronto Press · 1 June 1998 English

A biography of William Phips: sea captain out of Boston, Caribbean adventurer, and the first royal governor of Massachusetts.

UTP: University of Toronto Press · 1998 English

Finally, Story; my Irish parents-in-law, Lylagh David Weale's name is scattered and Sam Shields; members of the throughout the dictionary entries as American Dialect Society, the Atlantic the source of …

UTP: University of Toronto Press · 6 December 1997 English

Historically there has been a wide gulf between European and Anglo/American thought on the philosophy of language, in part because it is often difficult to find important European works in …

UTP: University of Toronto Press · 15 March 1997 English

Okihiro looks at crime arising from economic subsistence behaviours ? hunting, gathering, and domestic production activities long supported or tolerated in the outports, including big-game poaching and the production and …

UTP: University of Toronto Press · 16 January 1997 English

Just as the prevalence of incest and child sexual abuse was a well-kept secret until recently, the phenomenon of multiple personality disorder (MPD) - recently re-labelled dissociative identity disorder [DID …

UTP: University of Toronto Press · 1997 English

Finally, this book is dedicated to certain rooms in the museums of Paris, as they were before the opening of the Pompidou Centre and the Musee d'Orsay: to the overcrowded …

UTP: University of Toronto Press · 21 December 1996 English

Four short Latin treatises published between 1400 and 1460 define the humanist idea of education and form the heart of a book that has remained for almost seventy years the …

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