Wellesley Institute

Wellesley Institute

Type Think Tank
Website wellesleyinstitute.com
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1912
Location Toronto, ON Canada Canada
Functions Advocacy, Research
Tags health
Summary Wellesley Institute works in research and policy to improve health and health equity in the GTA through action on the social determinants of health.

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Wellesley Institute · 28 March 2023

Brenda Roche, Director of Research TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 BACKGROUND 2 METHODS 4 FINDINGS 4 Occupational health and safety 4 Adequacy of occupational health 6 and safety protections Impacts …

Wellesley Institute · 20 March 2023

The Healthcare Experiences of People with Long COVID in the GTA APR 2023 Authors: Sarah Sanford Wellesley Institute Brenda Roche Wellesley Institute Acknowledgments: We are grateful to those who participated …

Wellesley Institute · 15 March 2023 English

Data were obtained through in-depth interviews and focus groups with older adult tenants and service providers who support them to better understand the experiences of aging in place in social …

Wellesley Institute · 18 January 2023 French

L’analyse proposée dans ce rapport fait état de la relation entre les déterminants sociaux de la santé mentale et les effets du racisme systémique et structurel, qui placent une proportion …

Wellesley Institute · 20 December 2022 English

TORONTO KITCHENER-WATERLOO We conducted focus groups on the The Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee campuses of the University of Waterloo are (ho-den-oh-sho-nee) Confederacy (aka the situated …

Wellesley Institute · 16 December 2022 English

The interviews focused on participants' knowledge and understanding of the causes of evictions, the populations or groups most affected by evictions, and the impacts of evictions on individuals, families, and …

Wellesley Institute · 14 December 2022 English

MHCC x WI - COVID-19 and Racialized Communities - Summary Report Final.pdf COVID-19 and Racialized Communities: Impacts on Mental Health Webinar Summary COVID-19 AND RACIALIZED COMMUNITIES A panel discussion hosted …

Wellesley Institute · 11 October 2022 English

To supplement this academic literature a grey literature scan was completed of local institutions including the Workers Action Centre, the Institute for Work and Health, the Decent Work and Health …

Wellesley Institute · 20 September 2022

Considering the evidence that long COVID symptoms negatively impact the functioning of a substantial portion of the population in Canada and internationally, attention to the following four broad areas is …

Wellesley Institute · 2 September 2022 English

Language barriers among older adults living in Toronto’s social housing 2 In 2016, the City of Toronto put forward recommendations to promote transformative change in TCH in order to “strengthen …

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