Afghan Refugees

Afghan diaspora refers to Afghan people who live outside of Afghanistan. These include citizens who have immigrated to other countries, or people of Afghan origin who are born outside Afghanistan. This does not include historical immigration to the Indian subcontinent (see Pashtun diaspora). The vast majority of the diaspora has been formed by Afghan refugees of war since the start of the Soviet-Afghan War in 1979; the largest numbers reside in Iran and Pakistan, together hosting over 2 million Afghans of which most have been resident ever since the Soviet-Afghan War. Apart from these, the largest communities exist in the …



CCR: Canadian Council for Refugees · 23 February 2023 English

This was particularly the case during the following workshops: Dialogue with the government on refugee claimant issues, Mental health and the realities of detention, and Racial equity in immigration and …

information about border eligibility with members. 4 Afghan refugees: humanizing the crisis • Ensure there is sufficient to the dignified welcome and integration of Afghan refugees in Canadian communities, particularly for mental that allows the voices and experiences of Afghan refugees to directly influence Canada’s refugee policies

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This paper explores how state responses to global displacement, commitments to multilateral institutions, and solidarity with Global South refugee hosting states affect democratic norms and international protection standards. It maps …

on neighbouring states. Of the 2.6 million Afghan refugees globally, 2.2 million are hosted in Pakistan

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▪ Supports clients to set goals and priorities and to develop a realistic action plan towards achieving employment and training goals. [...] ▪ Facilitates job fairs- virtually and in- person …

occupational challenges of newcomers especially Afghan refugees and their unique barriers ▪ Assesses client

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Table of Contents Preface Introduction Colony to Nation The Constitution The Great White North O Canada A Compromise with Geography, Climate and Diversity Settling Canada Resources: “Quelques arpents de neige” …

(2021), Canada has taken in more than 15,000 Afghan refugees. 12/2/22, 7:45 AM What Foreign Diplomats Need

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We encourage decision makers in the MoE and MIFI to track the education and age levels of refugees on arrival to be able to better explain to them the options …

given ongoing global instability (arrival of Afghan refugees 2021 for example) and the desire to effectively

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The dashed line shows the replacement rate of 2.1 children, where, in the absence of immigration, one generation just replaces another, leaving population 0.5 unchanged. [...] Source: up2d0a0te9 da2ta0 10 …


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The UN Refugee Agency reported 79.5 million people were displaced worldwide in 2019, and over half of all displaced persons were under eighteen. This book investigates Canada's current response to …

government had committed to resettle 20,000 Afghan refugees. Currently, Canada is faced with an unprecedented

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organizations and individuals in your community $20,000 to the fund to support the resettlement of Afghan refugees. [...] • Explores the role of community foundations as international development actors and the

to the fund to support the resettlement of Afghan refugees. that are working on global issues. Visit the

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Ninth, convergence opens the way for a Kosovo settlement that impedes 'Greater Albania' and 'Greater Serbia.' The more unitary the Republic of Kosovo, with the country’s north and south intact, …

(VJTF) on the recent mission to transport Afghan refugees (former employees of NATO and their families) of a reward after its alacrity in welcoming Afghan refugees from the Alliance – one of the earliest countries com/2021/08/30/kosovo-leaders-welcome-first-afghan-refugees-fleeing-taliban/

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Under the hoax that foreign policy is the prerogative of the executive power (the cabinet ministries) and that it involves security, no discussion takes place within the polity to get …

Afghans. Pakistan has 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees and up to 2 million other displaced Afghans

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