An ideology (/ˌʌɪdɪˈɒlədʒi/) is a set of beliefs or philosophies attributed to a person or group of persons, especially as held for reasons that are not purely epistemic, in which "practical elements are as prominent as theoretical ones." Formerly applied primarily to economic, political, or religious theories and policies, in a tradition going back to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, more recent use treats the term as mainly condemnatory.The term was coined by Antoine Destutt de Tracy, a French Enlightenment aristocrat and philosopher, who conceived it in 1796 as the "science of ideas" to develop a rational system of ideas …



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Voting Online investigates the effects of cyber elections by looking at how adoption of online voting affects attitudes towards democracy, who uses and who benefits from the voting mode, the …

173 A5.II.2 Who benefits from online voting – Ideology 173 A5.II.3 Did online voting affect campaigning status 100 5.3 Who benefits from online voting: Ideology 101 5.4 Did online voting affect campaigning? income, homeownership, and race) as well as ideology are related to voting method. Neither candidates correlated with support for online voting, including ideology, age, and personality. Incumbent status also under specific circumstances. The findings for ideology and incumbency are of particular note, since candidates

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Reckoning with the experiences of refugees can inform epistemological and practical approaches to humanizing migrant populations before, during, and after their resettlement. Contributors explore what it means to experience dehumanization, …

and Friedrich Engels. (1845) 1998. The German Ideology. New York: Prometheus.36 Abu- Laban, Frishkopf

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For decades, national policy-making has focused on GDP, with growth celebrated as the main standard for deciding how well countries are doing. Yet GDP is a short-term indicator that captures …

social capital. Even more than that, the national ideology of Pancasila (five principles) is also incorporated

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Political activist ethnography is a research strategy that reveals how ruling regimes are organized so activists and social movements can fight them. This volume adopts an approach to inquiry that …

standpoint of an OCAP member allowed me to reject the ideology of objective sociology and generalizabil- ity

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In every sphere of life, division and intolerance has polarized communities and entire nations. The learned construction of the Other—an evil “enemy” against whom both physical and discursive violence is …

coalitions are suspected as pur- veyors of foreign ideology infringing on national sovereignty; corporations the dominant culture driven by the political ideology of majoritarianism and rooted in a sense of superior- “‘Torchbearers upon the Path of Progress’: Britain’s Ideology of a ‘Moral and Material Progress’ in India Col- onialism as Civilizing Mission: Cultural Ideology in British India, ed. Harald Fischer- Tiné and

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Fate remains central to many cultural outlooks, and in our age of conflict, climate change, and pandemic, it features conspicuously in debates about the future. A careful examination of this …

that respect it serves as part of the imperial ideology of that ancient era. Is there a paradox involved

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No, right-of-centre policymakers don't own the school choice movement. Progressives have been supporting educational pluralism at least since the 1960s

find in the US heightened conflict about the ideology of curriculum and an embrace of various culture

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Migration Governance in North America engages the complex dynamics of mobilities across the continent. Situating North America within the global migration landscape, it unpacks such issues as temporary labour mobility, …

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A new perspective on developing shared joy in urban spaces.Our divided society is quickly reaching crisis level. We are no longer able to sustain social and economic prosperity nor ensure …

any sound person think this wealth- extraction ideology is sustainable? History and nature suggest not

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However, the past two decades have witnessed a dramatic shift in the geopolitical landscape, characterized by the erosion of multilateralism, the rise of nationalism, the resurgence of authoritarian regimes, and …

emerged as a global recognition of the First” ideology, has created a tension between importance of human

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