Jordan has a population of approximately 9,531,712 inhabitants (Female: 47%; Males: 53%) as of 2015. Jordanians (Arabic: أردنيون‎) are the citizens of Jordan, who share a common Levantine Semitic ancestry. Some 98% percent of Jordanians are Arabs, while the remaining 2% are other ethnic minorities. Around 2.9 million were non-citizens, a figure including refugees, legal and illegal immigrants. Jordan's annual population growth rate stood at 2.05% in 2017, with an average of three children per woman. There were 1,977,534 households in Jordan in 2015, with an average of 4.8 persons per household.The official language is Arabic, while English is the …



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Public health surveillance programs, systems, and strategies to monitor the indirect population health impact attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated public health response measures.

conditions 2022 (56) attending a sectional among 250 Jordanians who received their first (Access) vaccination

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The second section turns to the format of the ACRS Working Group, shedding light on the role of its co-chairs and the Steering Group of the multilateral track. [...] Baker …

time. An Israeli interviewee claimed that the Jordanians became “sick and tired of being asked, being try to “persuade the other Arab players, the Jordanians, the Gulfis, the Qataris, the UAE, to some extent the RSC, for instance, left “the Gulfis and the Jordanians and the Tunisians… sufficiently intrigued by

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15 Module 1: International and National Guarantees of Freedom of Expression Learning Objectives To understand why it is important to protect freedom of expression To learn the relevant sources of …

which affect the public or private rights of Jordanians must then be ratified by Parliament.49 Although human rights treaties would impact the rights of Jordanians and presumably require ratification, the ICCPR

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7-10, available at: ; and Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, 17 April 2013, para. [...] Any …

another or publishing anything that would give Jordanians an incorrect idea that would harm their dignity

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In part this is due to insufficient detail in the Law in certain areas, such as procedures, and in part due to features such as the lack of independence of …

from country to country? Would you say that most Jordanians would naturally be drawn to the idea if you presented Development Indicators, just over 75 percent of Jordanians had access to the - 66 - Internet. This is a promoting a more secure online space for all Jordanians. - 87 - Second, the official must establish that taking into account that only 75 percent of Jordanians are online). - 100 - ➢ A description of the main

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The authors offer a diagnostic look at the current workforce development ecosystem in MENA, and present actionable policy recommendations to governments, the private sector and education providers – both in …

Democracy Survey 2018/2019 finds that 45 percent of Jordanians “think about emigration outside the country,” the region. The vast majority of the 800,000 Jordanians abroad work in GCC countries, with the largest challenges, particularly amongst youth. However, most Jordanians that emigrate to the Gulf are highly educated labor distribution, and the large numbers of Jordanians registered with the civil service bureau demonstrates “Qatar-Jordan committee to ensure 10,000 jobs for Jordanians.” July 2018. Retrieved from The Penin-sula:,

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The key objectives of the Compact – formally approved in December 2018 – are to ease the financial and political pressures on host countries, the vast majority of which are …

Palestinian refugees actually outperform (Trans)Jordanians economically, and labour force participation employment opportunities for Syrian refugees and Jordanians. Domestic and international business investment substitution, minimising competition for jobs with local Jordanians. Evidence on the outcomes of the Compact is limited demographic shock was the expulsion of 300,000 Jordanians of Palestinian descent from Kuwait during the descendants (who retain refugee status) are regarded as Jordanians for all legal purposes. Today, Jordan is host

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For the information of the Parties to the Nagoya Protocol, the English version of the publication is annexed to the present document. [...] RESOURCES IDENTIFyING THE ROLE OF COMMUNICATION To …

S. and Europe. Nearly nine out of ten online Jordanians, Indonesians, Filipinos and Venezuelans TIPS

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At its first meeting, the meeting of the Parties to the Protocol adopted an awareness- raising strategy (annex to decision NP-1/9) to assist Parties in the implementation of Article 21 …

S. and Europe. Nearly nine out of ten online Jordanians, Indonesians, Filipinos and Venezuelans TIPS

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She is a member of the Committee of Experts of the MESECVI, which oversees the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment, and Eradication of Violence against Women …

population. Because the overwhelming majority of Jordanians are Muslims, we have focused more on reforming tough discussions during the last few years. Jordanians read the articles we published and listened to Article 6 of the Constitution states that all Jordanians are equal under the law, regardless of their organizations that advocate a civil family law for all Jordanians, which I think is a very logical demand. However

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