Jurisdiction (from Latin juris 'law' + dictio 'declaration') is the practical authority granted to a legal body to administer justice, as defined by the kind of case, and the location of the issue (its situs). In federations like the United States, areas of jurisdiction apply to local, state, and federal levels. Colloquially it is used to refer to the geographical area to which such authority applies, e.g., the court has jurisdiction over all of Colorado. The legal term refers only to the granted authority, not to a geographical area. Jurisdiction draws its substance from international law, conflict of laws, constitutional …



ICP: Institute for Community Prosperity · 27 February 2024 English

He is an advisor to the Nonprofit Resilience Lab, and on the Editorial Advisory Board of The Philanthropist, and is the lead author of an annual scan of trends and …

are less likely to country and sub-national jurisdiction. In Canada, sex sur- engage in solo sexual activities

Fraser Institute · 22 February 2024 English

Worsening housing affordability in Ontario, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area, underscores the importance of reviewing governments’ impact on homebuilding. Despite recent positive policy shifts, substantial obstacles hinder housing development. …

and provincial governments’ direct control or jurisdiction. These governments’ strongest influence on

Wilson Center Canada · 21 February 2024 English

The aim of this paper is to explain the stages of an FTO designation, and the roles of the various government stakeholders involved. [...] STAGE Clearance The administrative record draft …

ts Implications for Persons Subject to U.S. Jurisdiction a. It is unlawful for a person in the United institutions to block transactions property within U.S. jurisdiction are involving assets of an FTO. blocked, including person in the United States or subject to the jurisdiction of the United States if they knowingly provided

Clean Energy Canada · 16 February 2024

of updated and public information concerning the Clean Energy Canada / Modernizing energy sector planning and oversight for a net-zero world 3 Regulatory frameworks lack the flexibility The modernization of …

regulatory reform. each province and territory having jurisdiction over its It offers some initial recommendations stakeholders, it must • All energy sources used in the jurisdiction engage them early in the scenario design process utilities, and regulators, as well as non- jurisdiction. governmental energy stakeholders. Robust: A landscape of energy modelling. ** Through a jurisdiction review, early versions that align with some potential pathways, the strategic actions the jurisdiction is prioritizing in comprehensive energy strategies

Yellowhead Institute · 15 February 2024 English

Akeeagok remarked that it is “one more step in the claim process: rst, the land claim agreement, then the realization of the vision of a self-reliant Nunavut…Our formation of a …

celebration were those invited, and it seems they were jurisdiction for mining and extractive industries in the

BCCLA: BC Civil Liberties Association · 14 February 2024 English

Objectives and Administration 3.1 The objectives and principles of this bylaw are to: a) Ensure that parks and open spaces are accessible, safe, and enjoyable for all members of the …

the bylaw, aligning with their expertise and jurisdiction. 3.3 Director’s Power to Place or Erect Signs:

Maytree · 13 February 2024 English

Recognizing this reality, in June 2023, the Parliament of Canada passed Bill C-22, establishing the Canada Disability Benefit to “reduce poverty and to support the financial security of persons with …

-eng.pdf Social assistance benefits vary by jurisdiction, but overall do not provide recipients with

SPCW: Social Planning Council of Winnipeg · 12 February 2024 English

The 2020 report marked the 20th anniver- rise again the very next year to 28.3%.2 sary of Canada’s failure to fulfill the 1989 House 2020 brought COVID 19 and government …

prioritizes the creation of well-paying jobs jurisdiction/placement/status in care as a and training opportunities

BCLI: British Columbia Law Institute · 12 February 2024 English

territorial jurisdiction of the court to make an order declaring parentage by providing that the court has jurisdiction, in addition to any other basis of jurisdiction under the Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings

in this part limits or restricts the inherent jurisdiction of the supreme court to make an order declaring should be amended to address the territorial jurisdiction of the court to make an order declaring parentage court has jurisdiction, in addition to any other basis of jurisdiction under the Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings

First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada · 12 February 2024 English

Overview This appeal raises important issues regarding the circumstances in which the honour of the Crown is engaged and the scope of the duties that flow from it, particularly in …

three children in 2018. It continues to retain jurisdiction, and in December of 2023, the Caring Society General of Canada. The CHRT continues to retain jurisdiction, notably over the long- term reform of the First

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