Terrestrial Magnetism

The Journal of Geophysical Research is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is the flagship journal of the American Geophysical Union. It contains original research on the physical, chemical, and biological processes that contribute to the understanding of the Earth, Sun, and solar system. It has seven sections: A (Space Physics), B (Solid Earth), C (Oceans), D (Atmospheres), E (Planets), F (Earth Surface), and G (Biogeosciences). All current and back issues are available online for subscribers.



UCP: University of Calgary Press · 1 April 2022 English

The first comprehensive study of the Canada-U.S. Joint Arctic Weather Stations, systematically analyzing large- and small-scale aspects from scientific diplomacy to site logistics to understand how these isolated posts were …

IC W E AT HER S TAT IONS 34 began taking terrestrial magnetism and weather observations in the early winter

desLibris · 9 September 2017 English

The HMCS Labrador was Canada’s first heavy icebreaker and the Royal Canadian Navy’s first vessel capable of reliably operating in the waters of the Arctic. For three seasons in the …

Arctic wildlife and fish, meteorology, terrestrial magnetism, and various other subjects currently being The expedition was conducting studies in terrestrial magnetism and collecting specimens for the American

MQUP: McGill-Queen's University Press · 29 May 2017 English

The incalculable influence of Alexander von Humboldt (1769 1859) on biology, botany, geology, and meteorology deservedly earned him the reputation as the world's most illustrious scientist before Charles Darwin. From …

level. Humboldt was deeply interested in terrestrial magnetism, specifi- cally the study of the Earth’s

UAP: University of Alberta Press · 2017 English

Mapper of Mountains follows the career of Dominion Land Surveyor Morrison Parsons Bridgland, who provided the first detailed maps of many regions of the Canadian Rockies. Between 1902 and 1930, …

The experi- enced hands, who surveyed by terrestrial magnetism, proved to be less well suited to the task

desLibris · 21 January 2015 English

DSIM3D provides a rapid, unconstrained 3D inversion of gridded magnetic data. It is a Geosoft GX implementation of an inversion approach (Pilkington, 2009) that produces a 3D susceptibility distribution from …

HER: Heritage House Publishing · 2014 English

Although Arctic explorer and Hudson Bay Company surveyor John Rae (1813-1893) travelled and recorded the final uncharted sections of the Northwest Passage, he is best known for his controversial discovery …

Sabine (an authority on gravity and on terrestrial magnetism who had served in several Arctic expeditions)

HER: Heritage House Publishing · 10 April 2012 English

The Voyage of the Fox in the Arctic Seas is Sir Francis McClintock's own thrilling account of the Fox's journey into the Arctic, and the discovery of the fate of …

botany, meteorology, and especially to the terrestrial magnetism, of the region examined. Lastly, McClintock in the department introduction k 27 of terrestrial magnetism, to the various scientific observations

DDN: Dundurn Press · 16 November 2011 English

In the early 20th century the Canadian North was a mystery, but the Canadian military stepped in, and this book explores its historic activities in Canada’s Arctic. Is the Canadian …

ships and all expeditions looked to study terrestrial magnetism and pinpoint the magnetic pole. Englishmen

UBC: UBC Press · 2004 English

To many, the North is a familiar but inaccessible place. Yet images of the region are within easy reach, in magazine racks, on our coffee tables, and on television, computer, …

Victorian “inven- tory sciences” of geology, terrestrial magnetism, meteorology, and botany in nineteenth-century measurements ocean currents compass variation (terrestrial magnetism).45 This list is intriguing not only in

MQUP: McGill-Queen's University Press · 2003 English

The authors show that meteorologic data and weather information recorded at the HBC trading posts over two centuries provide the largest and longest consecutive series available anywhere in North America, …

American geography, mete- orology, and terrestrial magnetism were made available to the society during

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