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Historians’ Corner | La rubrique Histoire

30 Nov 2023

Vienna in Octo- ber for the site visit of the International Quality Assur- ance Committee - of which he was a member and chair, reviewed the Austrian Academy of Science’s Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies. [...] This Sean Carleton, Depart- has long been an area of research and teaching in ment of History and the department and we look forward to renewing the Indigenous Studies, field. [...] Obituaries The CHA wishes to congratulate Dr Ned Blackhawk on winning a Na- tional Book Award for Nonfiction for Gershon Hundert, a McGill pro- his book The Redis- fessor of Jewish Studies, is re- covery of America: membered as a scholar commit- Native Peoples and ted to his students and the study the Unmaking of of history. [...] Acknowledgements In his 1972 presidential address, Ivo Lambi argued that the CHA must “convince our pres- ent-minded generation that our past is inescapably with us and that when responsibly treated it will present valuable lessons for the understanding of the present and the future.” It was – and still is – a tall order. [...] And yet the CHA has done a heck of a lot to support and celebrate the teaching and writing of history in Canada.
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