cover image: C.D. HOWE  commentary - A Crisis of Our Own Making:


C.D. HOWE commentary - A Crisis of Our Own Making:

4 Jan 2024

in mitigation.7 Environmental assessment of the project plays a role in identifying potential effects The Economic Value of Well- on the natural environment from the design of the designed Environmental project, as well as revealing private details about Assessment the project and the proponent’s private information about its risks. [...] the decision will involve an evaluation of the balance between the value of negative and positive The Importance of Regional Studies and the externalities of the project. [...] Correspondingly, the Supreme Court also indicated that the extent and specific content of the duty to consult will be calibrated to the strength of the Indigenous claim and the seriousness of the potential adverse effect upon the claimed right or title. [...] Figure 17 illustrates mining projects, the time for proponents to respond the decision-making timeline for the Northern to information requests frequently comprises more Gateway project, showing that joint review panel than half the total duration of the assessment – ( JRP) processes and pre-hearing procedures that is, from the beginning of the assessment to consumed the majority of the time for c. [...] (b) the safety and security of persons and the protection of property and the environment; (c) the health, social and economic effects, including with respect to the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors; (d) the interests and concerns of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, including with respect to their current use of lands and resources for traditional purposes; (e) the effec.
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