cover image: C.D. HOWE  commentary - Quality Over Quantity: How Canada’s


C.D. HOWE commentary - Quality Over Quantity: How Canada’s

21 Feb 2024

However, differences Canada has made major developments and policy in selection policies, especially in regard to the changes to catch up with Australia in certain aspects timing of skilled migration reforms, have led to of skilled immigration and to improve the earnings significant disparities in labour-market outcomes of immigrants. [...] The main differences between the UK current Canadian EE system and the Australian system lie in the weights assigned to, and within, In January 2021, the UK introduced a points-based factors. [...] and the EE draws for the PNP – suggest that However, the late 2010s saw an improvement in the majority of PNP immigrants are selected the relative earnings of immigrants, which can be outside the EE system. [...] Hou a notable gain in the median employment income and Picot (2024) find that skilled immigrants who of all categories of economic immigrants, especially undergo a two-step process and start as temporary 18 The dot-com crash was a major stock market crash caused by the overvaluation of internet-based companies, resulting in a major impact on the technology industry and the broader economy. [...] The timing of reforms, the effectiveness of credential recognition reforms, the strictness of criteria, and issues with systems, and a greater emphasis on occupational and the effectiveness of foreign credential recognition language skills.
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