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2016/17 Marketing Plan




As part of the process for developing the annual marketing plan, the Tourism Marketing Advisory Committee (TMAC) provides independent strategic advice to the Minister of ITI on marketing the NWT. [...] In the months of February and March of 2015 NWT Tourism held a During the 2014/15 and 2015/16 fiscal years, NWT Tourism received a number of regional workshops that were part of the consultation phase for total of $1.4 million dollars from CanNor to enhance its marketing efforts the development of a five year strategic marketing plan. [...] Recognizing the importance of building on this from these workshops has been taken into consideration when developing momentum, and to build trust with these new markets, NWT Tourism has the 2016/17 Marketing Plan and NWT Tourism will be revisiting each of the made slight reductions to the budgets of our key markets in order to keep a five regions to seek further input on the development of the pl [...] The intent is to add to the resources required to support the The 2016/17 plan prioritizes NWT tourism markets and focuses on content marketing strategy. [...] With the introduction on the “Aurora Capital of the World” sub-brand, and the increase in regional marketing initiatives that have strayed from the brand, the brand has lost some of its key consistencies.


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