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A taxing issue




The Institute promotes the application of independent research and analysis to major economic and social issues affecting the quality of life of Canadians in all regions of the country. [...] The Institute communicates clearly the analysis and recommendations arising from its work to the general public, the media, academia, experts, and policymakers. [...] The Slippery Slope of Tax Changes In framing the 2003/2004 budget, the government recognized that the cost of the many tax measures to assist businesses had increased substantially over time and created problems with respect to neutrality, complexity and costs, benefits, risk and taxpayer dependence. [...] In addition, the government announced a number of changes that took effect on January 1. It increased the capital tax exemption to $1 million and granted personal income tax relief of $219 million by eliminating the general and simplified tax systems in favor of a single tax system. [...] The ratio of total government expenditures to GDP is chosen to represent the relative size of the provincial public sector in the economy.



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