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A Basic Income for Canadians




Noah Zon of the Maytree Foundation has written an important primer on a basic income called, Would a universal basic income reduce poverty?1 Michael Mendelson of the Caledon Institute has written a seminal essay —. ‘Basic Income’ or ‘Bait and Switch?’ — that explores how the personal income tax system would have to be fundamentally changed to accommodate a basic income.2 Armine Yalnizyan of the Ca [...] In reviewing the publication of recent papers, it is clear that the concepts of a basic income and a guaranteed annual income are converging. [...] The answer is that many critical aspects have yet to be examined because the scope and breadth of the issues underpinning a basic income are complex and immense. [...] The second reason for the increase is that the indexation of benefits is the federal rule, but the provincial exception. [...] The third person — Linda — is part of the 1.9% of senior Canadians living in poverty, and the fourth — Kaye — is part of the 5.7% of non-seniors living in poverty, who do not receive social assistance.


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