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A demographic and socio-economic portrait of aboriginal populations in Canada : Portrait démographique et socioéconomique de la population autochtone au Canada




While growth of the Registered Indian population is expected to some aging of the Registered Indian population is expected by 2026, about continue well into the future, rates of growth are also expected to slow over 39% of the Registered Indian population will be under the age of 25, remaining time in response to moderately declining fertility rates and loss of registration youthful, compared with [...] Copyright 2008 Natalie Wood 10 RegisteRed indian PoPulation - A Demographic and Socio-Economic Portrait the RegisteRed indian PoPulation is concentRated in ontaRio and the PRaiRie PRovinces In 2006, just under half (45.5%) of the Registered Indian population resided in the Prairie provinces followed by 19.8% in Ontario and 17.7% in British Figure 4: Reserves by Population Size, Canada, 2006 Columb [...] Non-Aboriginal Population (15 years and over), Canada, The 2006 Census indicates that the median individual income is 1995-2005 highest for the Registered Indian population living in the Territories ($17,667); and lowest for those living in the provinces of Saskatchewan Registered Indian Registered Indian Non-Aboriginal On Reserve Off Reserve (National) and Manitoba ($10,874 and $11,822 respective [...] The Métis population accounts for 30.3% of the overall Aboriginal population in Canada, making them the largest non-registered Other* 0.9% Aboriginal population with 355,505 individuals in 2006 (Figure 1).[1] Inu [1] i. The Aboriginal population is enumerated by the census using three questions: question 21 asks t 4.2 “Is this person a Treaty Indian or a Registered Indian as defined by the Indian [...] Further, among the Aboriginal populations, major repairs than non-Aboriginal dwellings (12.5% compared to 7.0%) (Figure the Métis had the lowest proportion of crowded households compared 10).[8] Among the Aboriginal populations, the Métis are also the least likely to with 1.3% of Non-Status Indian households, 6.6% of Registered Indian live in dwellings in need of major repairs compared to 14.5% of


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