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A Pan-Canadian forum on cervical cancer prevention and control in the HPV vaccine era : Screening Action Group




Canadian Partnership Against Cancer 5 A Pan-Canadian Forum on Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control in the HPV Vaccine Era Primary Prevention with HPV Vaccine Group Key recommendations included: 1. Tracking the incidence, prevalence and distribution of HPV genotypes associated with cervical, anogenital and oral precancerous and cancerous lesions through: • Developing and linking of data bases and [...] HPV and cervical cancer issues have not been a high priority and the new HPV vaccine experience can be used as a catalyst for intervention; and 3. Integrating a top down approach to solidify strategic direction and a bottom-up format for those in the field to be able to influence those at the top. [...] Reports, monographs and publications including the British Columbia Cancer Agency report (supported by Canadian Cancer Society) and the HPV Master’s classes have resulted in 3 key forums on advanced vaccinology for HPV vaccines, modeling of HPV infection and economic analysis, and impact analyses of HPV vaccines and cervical screening programs. [...] The proposed components of the HPV vaccine program evaluation work plan include (a) pre-vaccine and post-vaccine uptake rates in Manitoba, (b) post- vaccine uptake rates in Manitoba’s First Nations, (c) HPV vaccine safety, (d) impact of the vaccine on cervical cancer screening, (e) impact of the vaccine on anogenital warts, (f) impact of vaccine on cervical dysplasia and (g) impact of the vaccine [...] The recommendations were that there needed to be a clear articulation of national goals for HPV vaccination program, and the introduction of the HPV vaccine must not come at the expense of cervical cancer screening programs.


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