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A Comprehensive Review and Development of Measurement Options for Essential Skills Initiatives /




Performance measurement is critical to the achievement of these broader objectives of ALLESP and to the success of the projects it supports. [...] Social Research and Demonstration Corporation 3 A Comprehensive Review and Development of Measurement Options for Essential Skills Initiatives: Final Report 2.0 OVERVIEW OF THE AVAILABILITY AND APPLICABILITY OF MEASUREMENT OPTIONS FOR ESSENTIAL SKILLS INITIATIVES 2.1 LITERACY AND ESSENTIAL SKILLS MEASUREMENT OPTIONS Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) measurement options span a range of objective, [...] Step 3 – Choose how comprehensive the measures within each outcome category should be: Program staff has the flexibility to customize the length of the tool measuring each type of outcomes, depending on the goals and scope, as well as the measurement capacity and resources of the program. [...] For example, if in reviewing the measures related to job pathfinding skills and receptivity to continuous learning, program staff recognize the alignment between these skills and the skills their programs aim to improve for their participants, and may want to incorporate the full version in their data collection tool. [...] The rest of this section will describe these three options in greater details, first for transferrable Essential Skills and then for industry-contextualized Essential Skills Transferrable Essential Skills Option 1: The full range of paid and free tools to assess transferrable Essential Skills The full range of tools assessing transferrable Essential Skills spans a wide variety of objective assessm


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