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2017 National Freedom of Information Audit /




Parameters that were recorded included the date the request was mailed or filed online, the date it was received (for mailed requests, if no date was indicated by the government body, a date corresponding to the Canada Post-delivery-time standards for mail sent from Halifax) was used, the date an access decision was made by the government body, the nature of the decision, the length of any legal t [...] Fed Public Services An electronic dataset of all items sold by GCSurplus during 2016, including the and purchaser, the description of the item, the sale price, the sale date, and the location Procurement of the sale. [...] NB City of Saint All correspondence in 2016 and 2017 to date between the mayor and Port City Water John Partners consortium or between the mayor and any of the members of the consortium, related to the public-private partnership for the new water treatment system. [...] On timeliness, what is of interest is how long a request takes to be completed, from the day it is received by the institution to the day the government body sends the decision to the requester. [...] The only time the audit stops the clock is when a government agency requests a clarification of the wording of a request and an answer is not given to the agency on the same day.


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