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2009 pandemic H1N1 immunization campaign : Pandemic H1N1 immunization campaign : after action report




By the start of December, the second wave of H1N1 influenza was nearly over in New Brunswick, and the prevalence of the flu continued to decline. [...] The primary messaging was high-level and straightforward: •. promote publicly funded vaccine clinics; •. highlight priority groups; •. inform the public that mass immunization clinics would begin after the priority groups were completed; •. reassure the public that the vaccine was safe and effective; and •. call on members of the public to get vaccinated. [...] The OCMOH held regular news conferences to present a clear and transparent message about the characteristics of the virus and the status of the epidemic and the immunization program. [...] The public became familiar with the face and messages of the CMOH and the DCMOH and the post pandemic Public Opinion Research and a great deal of anecdotal information suggests   18 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Immunization Campaign After Action Report   that they became trusted sources. [...] Summary of findings and recommendations For the information line to disseminate the appropriate messages and information to the public, Tele-Care had to receive accurate and timely information.


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