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Envisioning home




Participatory Action Research with george Pearson Residents The Aim of the Participatory Action Research Project The aim of the project was to gather and analyze information that will enable Pearson Centre residents to play an active role in planning for the future of the site and services. [...] Participatory Action Research with george Pearson Residents project was to understand the views and experiences of the residents of the George Pearson Centre and to explore with them their aspirations for where and how they wanted to live. [...] Residents discussed the independence and the control this gave them as well as the importance of being part of the world and doing everyday things such as going to the store or the bank. [...] In discussing their housing and support preferences it was evident that the majority of resi- dents did not separate the fabric and layout of the building from the quality of care and the model of care delivery. [...] The project team reassured these residents that the purpose of this project was to begin the process of thinking about what was possible in terms of housing and support needs of residents, so that when the time came to make decisions, residents were prepared for any discussion.

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