cover image: Increasing the uptake of HIV testing in maternal health in Malawi



Increasing the uptake of HIV testing in maternal health in Malawi

26 Jul 2012

Despite the availability of HIV testing and counselling (HTC) in antenatal care clinic (ANC) settings, many HIV infected mothers in sub-Saharan Africa give birth in health facilities without knowledge of their own HIV status, thereby missing an opportunity to prevent the vertical transmission of HIV to their infants and to care for their own health. The study identifies systemrelated, social and behavioural reasons that pregnant women present themselves at labour wards with unknown HIV status and do not receive HTC, either during labour or following delivery. Using primarily qualitative methods, a descriptive study was conducted in two districts in southern Malawi.
health politics health facility malawi pregnancy acquired immunodeficiency syndrome aids (disease) hiv infections hiv/aids aids acquired immune deficiency syndrome antiretroviral therapy childbirth genocide maternal health services maternal welfare medicine social sciences health care communicable disease hiv infection health treatment health sciences virus disease diseases and conditions the centre for international governance innovation diagnosis of hiv/aids aids (disease) in women breastfeeding and hiv mother-to-child transmission (mtct) physicians for human rights routine hiv
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