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A reduced model of the Alberta electric system for policy, regulatory, and future development studies




The load is concentrated in the major cities and in the southern I. INTRODUCTION half of the province. [...] To the approval of the need, the AESO assigns the project to a east, a 150 MW back-to-back HVDC tie line connects Alberta Transmission Facility Owner (TFO) who makes a facility to Saskatchewan and the jurisdictions that are part of the Mid- application to the EUB. [...] As generation is added in the north of the power transfer levels significantly limit the Available Transfer province and load grows in the south of the province, it is Capability (ATC). [...] The The validity of studies relating to the adequacy of standby reserves are priced with a premium that is paid generation to meet the demand, the frequency, duration and whether the reserves are called upon or not and an activation magnitude of power flows on key transmission paths and, price that is payable if the reserves are activated. [...] For standby future electricity prices relies on accurate representations of reserves, the AESO posts bids for each of the standby the load with regard to the annual energy and peak demand as products specifying the volume it requires, and the premium well as accurately depicting regular seasonal and diurnal and activation prices it is willing to pay.



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